Getting to Know Jaiden Noblezada

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A typical fighter Jaiden Noblezada is not. At 12, Noblezada is making his fighting debut this weekend at the IKF Spring Eastern Classic All Amateur Muay Thai Kickboxing Championships taking place in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on March 17th and 18th, 2017. Representing Lake Norman Muay Thai in the Junior Boys International Rules Division, Noblezada is revved and ready to go. Inspired by other family members who have trained in various martial arts, Noblezada is determined to make his own mark in the martial arts world.

At the age of 10, Noblezada began his training with Joe Pacheco, a mixed martial arts instructor from Bellator based in Charlotte, NC. With Pacheco, Noblezada received specialized training in boxing and mixed style martial arts, giving him a strong base from which to grow.  Noblezada also had the opportunity to train with accomplished Bellator fighter, Ricky Rainey from Gastonia, North Carolina. 

Says Pacheco, “Jaiden has the drive of a champion… He wants to be better than Bruce Lee and works every day to achieve that goal.  He wanted to train MMA in the beginning but he was open to my suggestion to start with one martial art focus.  We have worked to build week by week focusing on the fundamentals of boxing and then working on Muay Thai to integrate kicks.  He has natural talent that works hard and gains something from every session.”  Noblezada continues to train with Pacheco once or twice a week.

Taking Pacheco’s advice, Noblezada joined the Lake Norman Muay Thai family in early February, 2017. His focus and dedication to training was immediately evident. In a month and a half, Noblezada has embraced Muay Thai, showing great aptitude for this particular martial art. After learning of his interest in competing, Lake Norman Muay Thai helped give Noblezada that opportunity.

With Kru JT Smith and Assistant Kru Matt Riter, Noblezada has been honing his Muay Thai skills to prepare for the fight. Says Kru JT Smith, “Every once in a while, a kid comes along that has exceptional skills. Jaiden is one of those kids.” Both Kru Smith and Kru Riter are very excited to see Noblezada’s upcoming fight. “Jaiden is a great kid with a lot of talent. He has great technique and trains really hard,” says Kru Riter, “all of his hard work will pay off for him in the ring.”

Noblezada has been focused on his debut, training multiple days a week with various members of Lake Norman Muay Thai and gaining experience through this setup. He has participated in both the kid’s class as well as adult class. Working with other kids and learning from Kru Smith and Kru Riter as well as multiple senior members has helped round his Muay Thai skills in a short amount of time.

Not the typical fighter, Noblezada balances his martial arts training with his passion for singing and acting through Narroway Productions. He has played the part of a young Samson as well as recorded music with 20Ride Zac Brown Tribute Band. A young man with many talents, Noblezada is on his way to making his mark, not just in the martial arts world, but in the performing arts world as well.