Recap of Lake Norman Muay Thai Fighters’ Debuts

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It was a weekend of memorable moments for Lake Norman Muay Thai fighters Jeremy Spera and Jaiden Noblezada as they marked their fight debuts at the IKF Spring Eastern Classic All Amateur Muay Thai Kickboxing Championships this past weekend.

It all began on Friday, March 17th, National Muay Thai Day when Kru JT Smith arranged a prajead banding ceremony for Spera and Noblezada. On the sandy shores of Myrtle Beach, Kru Smith explained the ancient tradition: In the region of Thailand many centuries ago, warriors of the time period – before they go off to war – would meet with their family and their mothers. Their mothers would take a part of their dress, their wardrobe, or their clothes, and tear it. They would weave it into an armband, and they would place the armband on their warriors’ arms as a means of protecting their young warriors, making sure that when they went off to battle they would protect them. That’s where the tradition of the armband, the prajead, comes from. So I felt like it was only suiting that today, National Muay Thai Day, the day that our warriors are going to fight, that we follow the traditions of the Thais many years ago and we’re going to have their mothers step up and band them.

States Noblezada’s father, Ken: It was a proud and emotional moment at the beach. Kru JT Smith presented our fighters with their combat prajeads which were tied on by their mothers.

~ Then it was fight time ~

First to fight was Jeremy Spera. His opponent was Andrew Smith of Atlanta, Georgia. Spera fought a clean, crisp fight with foot jabs that shoved Smith back several feet and outstanding clinch control and technique. Smith was an equally matched opponent for Spera, and according to Kru Smith: The fight was very evenly matched. So much so, that that they had to recount the score cards several times delaying the decision. In the end, Jeremy’s opponent walked away with a split decision.

Spera does not see this as a loss, stating: That was the best experience of my life! … His mother, Lynn Nelson Marquess is equally excited. In a Facebook post, she said: So proud of Jeremy Spera!! He didn’t get a win but it was really close. Split decision. He did it and I’m ready for the next fight!! Awesome!!

Next to fight was Jaiden Noblezada. Unfortunately, after seeing Noblezada warming up on pads, his original competitor pulled out of the fight. His competitor’s coach said that Noblezada looked too experienced, not wanting his fighter to face Noblezada in a fight. In the end, Noblezada fought in a made-up bracket where he was unable to go full power due to him looking too experienced. This limited Noblezada and it ended in a split decision going to his opponent.

Noblezada fought again in an unscheduled exhibition round against a 2x Golden Glove champion from Florida. It was a positive experience overall for Noblezada as he faced a more experienced opponent his own age. Says Kru Smith: He has a clear understanding of what he needs to work on for his next fight. Great job, Jaiden!

Though split decisions narrowly went the other way for both Lake Norman Muay Thai fighters Jeremy Spera and Jaiden Noblezada, their experiences during the IKF Spring Eastern Classic All Amateur Muay Thai Kickboxing Championships have left them energized and anticipating their next fights. Lake Norman Muay Thai will definitely keep everyone posted on upcoming events!