Kid's Muay Thai Classes - Be Your Own Hero

The confidence a bully takes away from a child, we give it right back with a little extra!

Lake Norman Muay Thai offers classes that are designed for kids from 6 – 12 years old. Children will be taken through Muay Thai basics learning fundamentals and proper technique. Kids will hit heavy bags and mitts, learn combinations and participate in full contact partner drills and controlled sparring.

Our goal is to create a positive and fun environment in which children can learn the art of Muay Thai while being instilled with discipline and respect.

What makes kids classes at Lake Norman Muay Thai different than other children’s martial arts classes? One on one attention.  At our classes, we keep a low student teacher ratio making your child’s success more likely. With the assistance of my very competent assistant instructors, I make sure that each child gets the one on one time that they need to improve. These same instructors note the areas the child needs to work on so they reach their full potential.

Training includes:

  • heavy bag work
  • pad drills
  • self defense techniques
  • body mechanics
  • conditioning

With the current state of bullying and worse in our schools, Lake Norman Muay Thai’s class for kids is a perfect way for them to gain self confidence, make friends and learn to defend themselves. With Muay Thai, you use every part of the body to attack and defend, which makes it a perfect martial art for kids. 


  • $20 Single Class
  • $99 Unlimited Classes per Month
  • Family Discounts Available
  • Personal Training Available

Your first week is free!

Starting a new workout can sometimes be challenging.  At Lake Norman Muay Thai, we give you the opportunity to try one week free to see what we’re about.